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Student IT

For the past two years, I've worked with FutureEd. I've never been disappointed. When I've needed counsel, I've always turned to them.
For me, FutureEd was a great experience. Thank you very much. Extremely conscientious and precise.

James Smeeth Student IT

I had a fantastic day with FutureEd. Our PR arrived last week, and they've been quite helpful throughout the process. Ameer was extremely informed and provided us with timely information regarding our visa status.

Leo Marea Student MBA

We were pleased and appreciative that we contacted FutureEd Sydney for assistance with our child's visa application and school selection. Border closures and policy changes during the pandemic have made it difficult for..

John Dowson Student Nursing

For the past three years, FutureEd has assisted me with all of my questions and visa applications. They go above and above to assist the pupils in every way they can. Ameer went above and beyond to assist me with my recent visa extension.

Mikel Haris Student Marketing

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