About FutureEd

Created in 2009, FutureEd has risen to become one of the leading education, training and research organisations in Bangladesh. FutureEd has a vibrant history of achievement in the fields of student placement, vocational education and training, and job placement.

FutureEd was founded by Dr. Ameer Y. Khan, a dynamic entrepreneur and visionary with a long career in university teaching, higher education, career counselling, training and corporate consultancy. Educated and trained in New Zealand, Ameer is truly a global citizen who believes in cross-border higher education and global career placement for aspiring students. With the ability to operate courageously in challenging business environments, Ameer welcomes students, parents, investors, partners, institutes, employees and other stakeholders to collaborate with his vision.

Our mission at FutureEd is to create international education and employment opportunities for students and professionals at all levels. We endeavour to be the leading internationally recognised education and training provider in Bangladesh, helping the young and unemployed population to grow and excel. Our recent expansion into the Australian and New Zealand markets reflects our desire to relentlessly work towards developing English language proficiency in students across the world.

FutureEd offers IELTS, OET and CAE/FCE preparation courses and mock tests designed by highly qualified, experienced and international certified instructors. FutureEd is an IELTS accredited body, and runs a successful authorised IELTS registration and testing centre in Dhaka. We are also in the process of opening a CAE test centre in Sydney, Australia and an IELTS test centre in Auckland, New Zealand.

FutureEd students develop practical skills that are highly regarded by employers, gain specialist knowledge for their industry, and have access to advice on university admissions and the opportunity to progress to  higher education in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the US and Canada.

At FutureEd, we excel in making the dreams of students to study, work and live overseas a reality.

The FutureEd Difference