Australia's top jobs market and employers for graduates

Australia's top jobs market and employers for graduates

Do you intend to migrate to Australia once you graduate, or are you in your final year of school, or did you just receive your diploma? There have been upheavals, online learning, and general disruption for the majority of those two years. 

However, the labor market has rebounded, creating a wide range of opportunities for graduates in different areas.

The report on Australia's Top 100 Graduate Employers evaluates the graduate labor market. It was created by GradConnection and The Australian Financial Review, and it includes a ranking of the top 100 employers for recent graduates.

Also, the report's introduction states that despite the recent turbulence, we are in a graduate's market. Despite the market's continuous competitiveness, employers still have a tough time finding and keeping employees.

According to the report, young people don't always ask themselves, "Will I get a job?" Instead, they ask themselves, "Where do I want to work?" Instead of being the Wolf of Wall Street generation, the Gen Z workforce is one that is committed to social responsibility, values, and purpose.

The top 10 jobs for graduates in 2022

The following list details the top 10 graduate employers out of the 100 that were considered for this report.

  • NSW Government  

  • Deloitte 

  • EY 

  • NAB 

  • Suncorp

  • ANZ

  • Westpac Group 

  • PwC 

  • KPMG 

  • DXC Technology

Also, there are three of the Big Four banks, as well as all four of the Big Four accountancy firms, among the top 10.

Improving your prospects after graduation

The report is accompanied by an analysis and a message from Dan Purchas of GradConnection. Even if the employee presently has the upper hand, his advise to students is to do your hardest to obtain as much experience as you can while you're still in school to improve your chances of landing a job.

When applying for graduate opportunities, students might want to consider doing the following to strengthen their CVs:

  • Joining clubs and organizations

  • Volunteering

  • Undertaking internships

  • Tutoring

  • Applying for scholarships

Also, the full list of the top 100 graduate employers for 2022 and the research can be read here. Additionally, the research provides data by industry and a comprehensive overview of the current graduate job market.