Best Australian Cities for Students

Best Australian Cities for Students

Australia has been a destination for migration from all over the world for many years. Many of its cities rank among the top in the world as the safest and best cities for students to live in. With a very high quality of education and life, these cities attract a very high number of students from other countries. 

The cities are ranked based on their desirability, student mix, employer activity, etc. However, one thing that becomes a hurdle during the ranking is the cost of living, although students with the financial ability do not really mind the high living cost. Let us have a look at a few top ranking cities in Australia for students.


After Paris, Melbourne came 2nd in the world in the year of 2016 as one of top cities for students. This city is well known as the cultural capital of the country.

There are so many things to do in this city. You will find it particularly interesting if you love comedy, music, and sports. There are seven world ranking universities. 

In terms of ‘student mix’, Melbourne can offer the best experience. According to The Economist, Melbourne is the most livable city in this world. This city is also among the most desirable cities. In Australia, Melbourne stands at the top in the city rankings and job opportunities.


Just a thousand kilometers away is the largest city of Australia, Sydney. This city has been a financial and economic center of the country. It stands at the fourth position in the index of best cities for students.

However, it does not fail to hold the first position for ‘desirability’ because of its green spaces, paradise-like beaches, and many more. 

It not only has a beautiful city, but also towns outside the CBD. Blue Mountain, Three sisters, and so many other beautiful places draw tourists with hypnotic attraction.

Sydney has a number of world famous universities that attract students from all over the world each year. Employers also are very active in this city.


Canberras has climbed several places in the ranking of student cities. This city has a very good student mix. A large part of incoming international students flock together in this city each year for a better education.

Australian National University ranks first in the university rankings of Australia. This city is in second place in regards to desirability criteria. Canberra has various man-made attractions to offer including a number of natural serves and a lake at the center of the city.


Brisbane, one of the most green cities of Australia and the fourth among the student cities in Australia. It is considered one of the most friendly cities. There are three major universities in Brisbane and a considerably large student body of international students.

It is also a famous tourist destination. Brisbane offers a good mix of outdoor and urban lifestyles with sunny weather, beautiful sea beaches, and a sport loving population. Busy city life or quiet trailer park, it has so much to offer you.


Adelaide ranks 26th in the best student cities index. It is the 5th largest among all the cities in Australia. A South Coast city, Adelaide is known for its open spaces, parklands, boulevards, and a city center you can easily navigate. It is very close to beaches and islands. 

However, Adelaide offers the Adelaide Hills for cycling, hiking, and wildlife watching. This city has a good position in the student city ranking with three very famous world ranking universities - Flinders university, University of South Australia, and University of Adelaide. This city gets the best score for student mix. 


Located on the Western Coast, thousands of miles away is the city of Perth - a very new, planned, and beautiful city. It is in the 36th place in the student city index. There is no end to the appeal it has among the international student community because of its beauty. 

High in scores for both student mix and desirability, Perth offers a diverse culinary, cultural, and recreational attractions for students. This city offers to you the University of Western Australia which ranks 98th among top 100 universities of the world.

Gold Coast

The last on our list of student cities is Gold Coast. A delightful city. You cannot experience anywhere else what you see and experience in Gold Coast. It ranks 69th in the Student City index. It is also located in Queensland. After Brisbane this is the second city to hold a position in our list. 

This is not something small! Gold Coast - as the name implies, the city has a beach 52 kilometer long full of golden sands. It sees sun most of the year. The Surfer’s Paradise is also located on the Gold Coast. If you love beaches and surfing, there cannot be another city better than this. 

The hinterland of Gold Coast offers green natural beauty in mountains, national parks, waterfalls, and various rock formations.

If you are planning a study abroad program with an expectation of delightful experiences along with employer activities, natural beauty, and a diverse community when you arrive in Australia, you can choose from one of the cities listed here. 

Based on your financial situation and future planning, you should find a university that is within a regional area of Australia and closely tied to one of these cities. This way you can find work easily and study at the same time.