Cost of Study in Australia: Complete Guide

Cost of Study in Australia: Complete Guide

Today we will discuss the Cost of Study in Australia. Australia is a perfect place for its quality education, beautiful nature, multicultural environment, and job opportunities. Students often worry about their finances before selecting a country. Thorough research about the expenses of education in Australia can be helpful.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are the first thing that comes to mind about the expenses. It will vary from university to university, course to course, and degree to degree. For a bachelor's degree it can be from 20,000 AUD to 45,000 AUD per year. 

For a master’s degree, it can be from 22,000 AUD-50,000 AUD annually. For a Doctoral or Ph.D., it can be from 18,000 AUD to 42,000 AUD per year. Medical science and engineering subjects can be more expensive. 

Living Cost

Living costs depend on the place and the types of living. On average, it can be 20,000 AUD. For accommodation, it can cost 297 AUD to 743 AUD per month. You can add 14 AUD to 29 AUD for bills. Big cities can be more expensive than the countryside. 

There are different types of accommodations. For hostels, pay will be 90-150 AUD per week. On-campus accommodation can cost 110-280 AUD per week. Homestay cost is AUD 235- 325 AUD per week. On a rental, it can be 185 AUD to 440 AUD per week.

Transportation can cost 44 AUD-89 AUD per month, though you can use public transport and a student ID card to save money. Food and groceries can be 208 AUD-416 AUD per month. Phone and internet bills can be 15 AUD- to 30 AUD per week. Books and study materials can be 500 AUD to 1,000 AUD per year.

Visa and Application Fee

For a student visa application, you need to pay a specific amount of money. The total cost can be 630 AUD. For application to most universities, you need to pay 133 AUD.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is a must for international students in Australia. The cost range is from 609 AUD - 3,438 AUD.

Fund Proof

Students need to show evidence of their sufficient amount of living costs. This should be a minimum of 20,290 AUD per year. 


International students can not work without a Tax File Number. You can work 20h per week during your studying. You need to pay taxes as well.

Before moving to a new county, it is essential to have a budget plan and a clear knowledge of the expenses. There can be many additional and small parts in the whole budget plan. It is better to understand them first. Hope our detailed guide on the Cost of Study in Australia will help you.