Employment in Brisbane

Employment in Brisbane

Even if your family is rich, you would love to have the experience of financial freedom. Wanting to do something with the money you earn on the side is natural. You do not want to spend your family’s money for your entertainment, do you? 

Brisbane can provide you with this unique experience of employment that you do not want to miss. So, read through if you want to know about employment in Brisbane.

What are the legal requirements for people working on a student visa?

Your international student visa allows you to work part time during your school season. You can work 20 hours per week. However, when you are in the vacation period you work as much as you want.

Finding jobs in Brisbane

If you want to work, then you need to find it first. Talk to your friends who came before you and are working. They are the best source of news and they can even introduce you to their employer. 

Businesses that need part-timers will always have vacancies because students leave jobs during their exam season. You can start from there slowly.

You can also look for them in newspapers. You can also use the internet to look for jobs. Remember, when it is not the holiday season, finding jobs may be difficult but never lose hope. You will need to be strong to withstand the shock. You can also search for jobs on the university notice board. 

It is always better to look for jobs that are related to your studies. Talk to your professor for any paid research opportunities. You also can find administrative jobs at your own university or somewhere else. Just keep searching and asking. Keep making networks. Never go for any illegal gigs. Be careful.

You can search for jobs online on Craigelish or seek.com. The other sources are:

  1. Adecco

  2. Michael Page

  3. Ambition

  4. Slade

  5. Adzuna

  6. Jobsjobsjobs

  7. Jobsearch

  8. Ignite for IT

  9. HCA for healthcare roles

  10. Peoplebank for IT

  11. KPMG for accountancy roles

  12. Modis for IT

Rights of the employees and Fair wages

You must know your rights as an employee. Let us have a look what rights you have in Australia as an employee:

  1. You have the right to speak up if you feel mistreated. You can contact the concerned Government agency at www.fairwork.gov.au

  2. You are entitled to minimum wages according to the number of hours you have worked.

  3. You have the right to workplace safety.

  4. You cannot work as a ‘cash hand’. You may be defrauded. If so you cannot do anything about it. Usually, cash hand employees work more hours but get less wage and the employer does not even pay the right amount of taxes.

  5. Your employer cannot deduct any money from your wage except for legal purposes  such as taxes.

  6. You can join unions of employees or association of employees.

  7. No workplace discrimination is allowed.

CV and Cover Letter

Search online for good models. Follow them and write CV and Cover letters and make multiple copies of them. Keep the original print and distribute the photocopies. Provide these if your employer wants them. Otherwise, part-timers just show up at work and work on a trial basis. If you can withstand the pressure, you will have employment in Brisbane.