Exciting incentives to study in regional Australia

Exciting incentives to study in regional Australia

Regional Areas of Australia are offering an excellent opportunity to the students who finish their studies successfully. Completing your study at any university in the regional areas will open doors to endless exciting incentives to study in regional Australia. 

Regional Study

Any city outside Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, is considered Regional areas of Australia. If you can stay in any of these cities, you will get a number of incentives towards your migration.

Types of Regional Areas

There are two different types of regional areas and the incentives are different too.

Category 2: 

In this category there are Adelaide, Perth, the Gold Coast, Canberra, the Sunshine Coast, Lake Macquarie/Newcastle, Hobart, Illawarra/Wollongong and Geelong. The incentives will be:

  1. Whoever studies in these areas, visa processing will be faster.

  2. S/he will have access to regional occupations list. 

  3. If you have studied in the regional universities, you will get to work for more years with a post-study visa.

Category 3: 

In this category11200 more regional places. The incentives are:

  1. 2 additional years of work after graduation with a post-study visa.

  2. You will get a priority during the negotiation of Designated Area Migration Agreements or DAMAs.

General Benefits of Regional Studies:

There are some exciting incentives to study in regional Australia.

  1. 5 extra points for regional areas in your Permanent Residency application.

  2. You get to work after your study for about additional 3-4 years on a post-study visa. 

  3. Low living cost compared to metropolitan areas.

  4. Transportation is free.

  5. Very calm and quiet. 

  6. Less population and less traffic. 

  7. You can get friendly neighbors.

  8. Live closer to nature and its beauty.