Five ideas to help you settle into student life in Australia

Five ideas to help you settle into student life in Australia
  1. There are a lot of challenges that come with going to university in Australia, like getting used to student life, the culture, and living abroad (especially if it's your first time living away from home). 

Despite the fact that it could at first appear overwhelming, there are things you can do to make sure the experience is always satisfying and pleasant.

To assist you in settling in during your first six months, we've outlined five items you should focus on. You'll quickly find yourself settling in and making the most of your opportunity to study in Australia.

Interacting with people

Since you'll be mixing with people from all origins and cultures, take advantage of the diversity to extend your perspectives. Talk to people in your classes and tutorials, join clubs and groups, get some exercise, and attend free events on campus.

Taking part in your education

You can learn about things outside of your field of study at many universities. They do this by offering short courses, common first-year electives, or breadth subjects that are required of all students, no matter what they are studying.

Acquiring work experience

You can increase your chances of getting a job after graduation by setting up an internship early in your degree. It could make all the difference when applying for jobs and pointing you in the right direction.

Start building your network early

Learn the value of networking while still in college if you want to 'hit the ground running' once you graduate. Students have access to a range of networking opportunities, such as career fairs and mentoring schemes. You never know who might be willing to help you when you're just starting out in your field!

Making use of your vacation

The long vacation also provides the opportunity to travel for a couple of months. During the holidays, you can work and save money for the next semester. If you moved to Australia to study, you may wish to visit relatives or spend the time to get to know your new surroundings.