Jobs in Adelaide: A guide to employment for students

Jobs in Adelaide: A guide to employment for students

We will at the jobs in Adelaide: a guide to employment for students. The Australian Government understands very well that to live and enjoy your time in Australia, you will have to manage some extra expenses. 

Besides, working while you study will give an exposure to the workplace and work-life culture. You will get to understand how Aussie employers behave with their employees, the rights of employees, the pay, the taxes - you will be able to learn a lot of things even before you formally start working at an Australian Company. 

This is why your student visa allows you to work part-time during your ongoing semester and full time during the vacation. This employability allows many students to fully support their tuition or a part of their living costs in Australia. Here, we will explore the job related topics for international students in Adelaide.

What are the legal requirements for international students working in Australia?

According to the law, as an international student you can work 20 hours a week during the school season. This limit has been in effect to ensure that you finish your school on time without any outside pressure. 

To keep your full-time student status, you have to have good attendance and good academic standing. However, if you have to work as a part of your school requirement then the number of hours you work will not be included in your stipulated 20 hours a week legal boundary.

How to find employment in Adelaide?

You may think finding jobs in Adelaide is very difficult. That is not the case. Many before you have worked during their school as part-time helpers. Let us have a look.

First of all, it is always better to have a job that closely relates to your studies. This will help you solidify your portfolio, but there are other odd jobs available for you if you do not mind doing some hard work.

The first source of job related info is your roommate or classmates. If they already have a job. You can ask for their advice. They will tell you where to go and how to present yourself for the work. 

The second source of jobs is the newspaper. You will find a lot of work advertisements in the newspaper. This is the basic source of public information. Keep knocking over the telephone, if they ask you to go visit their shop or establishment, pay a visit. Be ready to handle all kinds of pressure. Job market is very competitive. 

The third one is through online search. A mere search on Google will reveal a number of ads and websites. You can start searching from there.

You cannot feel ashamed or be introverted. Express yourself, show energy and explicitly tell that you can handle any kind of work if they just show you. You should be ready to go on a trial basis. Show your desperation. People do not like a dead horse to be on their race course. It is war out there, be strong and be expressive.

The fourth source of info can be your school notice board. Keep your eyes open for job advertisements. Your library may need an assistant, or your professor may need a helping hand in his or her research. Talk to people. Remember the early bird catches the worm.

How to apply for jobs in Adelaide?

CV/ Resume

Remember, you are not the only one applying for a certain job. There are others. So, keep everything short and try to include practical experiences.

Search online for best model CV / Resume. You will find a lot. No one cares what you did when you were small. Always begin with the most recent job experiences. Also give a few good points about what you have that will benefit the employer if s/he hires you - like hard working, good at communication with people, excellent management skills, etc.

Next list what your education qualifications are. List your achievements and the subject you are studying. Always list the most recent first. You should write in a precise and clear style. Put yourself in the shoes of the employer.

Cover letter

Please, do not make it more than 250 words. Even university applications in some places, ask you to write a cover letter in no more than 250 words. Try to make every word count. Instead of writing a story, focus more on your charm points. 

You should spill every good point you have and explain the CV in short. Write what you are looking for, and how your experience can help the employer. You need to use the words from the job advertisements, because employers are looking for those keywords and related information in your cover letter. Use PDF format so that there is no formatting problem. 

Try to be witty in your answers during the interview. Do not say something exaggerated. Try to be as close to the truth as possible. Being truthful has its benefits. Lying will somehow put you in precarious positions that you cannot get away from easily. 

What are your employment rights as an international student working?

Remember, you will be considered a citizen when your taxes are calculated, and that is why you will have the same rights as an employee as any Australian Citizen.

  1. You are entitled to minimum wages according to the number of hours you have worked.

  2. You have the right to workplace safety.

  3. Your employer cannot deduct any money from your wage except for legal purposes  such as taxes.

  4. You cannot work as a ‘cash hand’. You may be defrauded. If so you cannot do anything about it. Usually, cash hand employees work more hours but get less wage and the employer does not even pay the right amount of taxes.

  5. No workplace discrimination is allowed.

  6. You can join unions of employees or association of employees.

  7. You have the right to speak up if you feel mistreated. You can contact the concerned Government agency at

Average salaries in Adelaide

You need to talk to your friends or seniors or any people around you who know about minimum wages for a certain job. You can also search the internet for more information. Ads may also have wage information. You can also directly ask your employer about the money matter.

Other things you need to know

Bank Account

The first thing you will have to do as soon as you arrive at your destination, open a bank account for all kinds of transactions. 

TFN or Tax File Number

This is what you need when you start looking for a job. When you get a job, your employer will ask for your TFN. Ask your student advisor about TFN and how to apply. They will help you with information and may even give you a form.

This concludes the article - jobs in Adelaide: a guide to employment for students.