The key to being successful in your virtual internship

The key to being successful in your virtual internship

Since the majority of students have been completing their coursework online for a while, the thought of completing a remote internship may not be as appealing. Because many businesses are putting more long-term work-from-home policies in place, learning how to work remotely is worthwhile. 

There are ways to pull it off and impress your business or host organization. There are many ways to leave a positive impression, learn something new, and be remembered positively.

Show professionalism in virtual meetings

  • Always present yourself in a professional manner.

  • Create an acceptable background image for your work or one that suits the rest of the organization's aesthetic.

  • Make sure your phone is turned off and your house is as distraction-free as possible.

  • By running a test, you can make sure your computer technology is working.

  • By arriving a few minutes early to team meetings, it may be good to socialize with coworkers.

  • Make eye contact and smile at everyone, despite your initial hesitation.

Making the first move

The agenda should always be brought to internal meetings, and if time permits, you should also become familiar with the attendees' profiles. For this, an organizational chart is very helpful. If you've been requested to join, don't be shy about sharing your thoughts or asking questions while you're just watching.

Also, when it comes time to introduce yourself to those you haven't met, be prepared to do so after the meeting's convenor has had an opportunity to do so because you aren't in charge of it. Make sure to plan out your introduction in advance, keep it brief, and don't be afraid to be authentic. 

Also, you may describe to the group your internship's goals, the course you're taking, why the organization interests you, and what you hope to learn from the experience. When it comes to an online team meeting, prepare the same way you would for an in-person meeting.

Express your enthusiasm

You can involve yourself in the company's or industry's changes, be eager to work with others and help where you can, and constantly be open to new opportunities. This includes assisting and working with other interns.

Remember that it's highly probable that your firm will want to make advantage of the knowledge and insights you have to give.

Besides that, you should let the organization know if you're interested in participating in any online training, professional development, or planning sessions. This may depend on the nature and duration of your internship.

Pose enquiries

Being proactive and resourceful is laudable, but you must also ensure that you are clear on any tasks that are unclear in order to give your best effort. Also, don't be afraid to ask for feedback on your work. 

This demonstrates inquiry, good judgment, and an openness to feedback. Remember that your employer has experience holding your position. In the same way that you would in an office setting, make sure to ask others how they are doing and show interest in the job that others are doing.

Be proactive in terms of catch-ups

Set up a regular meeting with your manager if one has not already been established. You might also ask if it is possible for you to talk briefly with a few key employees who work in various areas inside the organization so that you can understand their distinct functions.

Besides that, this broadens your professional network, gives you knowledge about potential career opportunities in the future that you might be interested in, and gives you the ability to network and make an impression. 

Also, you might connect with them on LinkedIn if it makes sense. If some employees are too busy to meet with you, do not take it personally, but make sure to thank those who do.