Most in demand jobs in Australia

Most in demand jobs in Australia

Here we talk about the most in demand jobs in Australia. In recent years Australia has become a country of a very high GDP with low poverty. The education, and quality of life are very high. The economy is performing very well. 

The employment opportunities in this country are excellent as well. As a result, each year thousands of people migrate to this country for a better quality of life. The STEM sector in particular is booming at a surprising rate. Let us have a look at the most in demand jobs in Australia.

Australian Economy

For various reasons the Australian economy has been very healthy. However, the most important reasons are its business relation to many regional booming economies including China and Australia’s status as one of the most significant commercial entities in the region. 

As a result, prospects in the IT sector are really high. If you have the right certifications and skills, you can have a fair chance to enter the Australian job market. We will have a look at a few top jobs in Australia. Payment figures are calculated on a yearly basis.

  1. IT systems Architect: A professional in this job usually is paid on an average around AUD 140000. If the position is a bit senior, you will get an even higher salary. 

  2. IT manager: In this position if you hold a senior position you will get an average pay of AUD125000. This position has many openings around the country.

  3. IT security architect: Security is the lifeline of any company nowadays. Without a proper security protocol, you will lose every trade secret you want to keep hidden. An IT security architect will do the job for you. On average this position pays around AUD124000.

  4. Cloud Engineer: Cloud technologies are very high in demand nowadays. This technology has enabled us to share and use data from cloud sources with ease. A cloud engineer will earn around AUD112000.

  5. Data Scientist: With the introduction of Big data and the value of information, companies are paying top dollars for data scientists. Besides, the success of a business depends on proper understanding of data and numbers across various markets. You can get an annual salary of around AUD100000. 

  6. Python Developer: Python is one of the regularly used OOP languages for developing various complex software and web apps. If you have an understanding of python and some experience you can get an average salary of AUD 100000.

  7. IT consultant: Experienced IT consultants can get an average salary of AUD 80000 annually. This position has thousands of vacancies across the country.

  8. Project manager: Without a good project manager and his skills, no project can finish within its budget and time. If you are a project manager you will get an average salary around AUD 80000.

  9. Telecom Technician: Technicians and engineers are always in high demand in Australia. Without them there can be no infrastructure. They get an average salary of AUD 80000 annually.

  10. DevOps Engineer: If you are a devOps engineer, you can get an average salary of AUD 70000 annually.

The most in demand jobs in Australia are always open for you. If you hold the correct certification and job experience, there is a very good chance for you to secure one of these positions. You will also need a proper Visa to get any job in Australia.