Post Study Work Visa in Australia

Post Study Work Visa in Australia

Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485)

Post-Study Work stream

If you have graduated from an Australian educational institution you may be eligible for this visa. This visa lets you work for sometime temporarily in Australia after your graduation.

If you have the visa, you can:

  1. Stay and work in Australia for about 2 to 4 years after your graduation.

  2. Work, travel or study in Australia within this time.

Once you get the visa, it is your responsibility to find work. The Department of immigration and Citizenship is not responsible for your employment.

How long can you stay

This visa allows you to stay in Australia temporarily. The amount of time you can stay depends on the level of qualification you have completed from an Australian education institution.

  1. Bachelor degree: two years.

  2. Masters - research or coursework: three years.

  3. PhD: four years.

  4. BNO and Hong Kong Passport holders can stay for 5 years after any level of qualification - bachelor, masters or doctoral degree.

Your allowed duration of stay begins from the day you get your visa.

Stay longer

There is no extension of this visa. However, you could be eligible for a second visa. You can only do this if you spend the first visa duration within a regional area of Australia. If the first visa was granted based on the level of study you have completed in a regional area, you can apply for the second work study visa.

If you are from Hong Kong you can even have an opportunity to apply for a permanent residency after 5 years.

Include family

When you apply for the work study visa, you can include your family members in your visa application. The family unit you want to include also should meet the requirement for character and health. Until your decision has come out, you can add your children but no other family unit.

After you get a visa, your family members can join you as subsequent entrants.


It will cost you AUD 1680 as the main applicant. If your family members also apply there will be 

extra fees as well. The Visa Subclass 485 does not require any charge for later temporary application.

Apply from

You cannot be in immigration clearance when you apply for the visa. You need to be inside of Australia during the application and when we grant you a visa. 

If you are affected by 2019 Covid pandemic restrictions, you can also apply for the visa offshore. Additional entrants can either be inside or outside Australia when they get their visa.

Processing times

  1. 25% of applications take 7 months to process.

  2. 50% of applications take 8 months to process.

  3. 75% of applications take 12 months to process.

  4. 90% of applications take 14 months to process.

Your application may need more time if:

  1. You have not filled the application properly.

  2. If additional information is required by the Department of immigration and citizenship.

  3. Verification of your documents takes more time.

  4. If the correct visa charge is not paid.

If any of these happens you will be notified or have your application returned to you.

Your obligations

You and your family members must abide by the Australian law.


There is no restriction on your travel. You or family members can travel out and in as many times as you want. However, the visa duration will not be extended just because you or your family stay outside Australia.

Visa label

There is no label for the visa you get. Just your passport will be linked to the visa digitally.