Settling Down in Australia

Settling Down in Australia

Culture shock - it is a legitimate emotional shock that foreigners from a conservative culture travel to Australia. When someone is in his own country, he gets accustomed to seeing or experiencing many things. The food, the dress, the way of speaking - everything becomes new. This change in culture shocks a person emotionally. Sometimes this schok can be a bit welcoming or sometimes very discouraging. There are many aspects of Australian culture that can shake the core of your own culture and belief. 

Therefore, it is our duty to introduce you to Australian culture, so that you do not have much problem settling down in the country. We will have a look at some tips on how you can avoid being overwhelmed by Australian culture in the first weeks of your life in this new country.

Learn as much as you can

It is important to learn everything you can about the people, culture, weather, dress, food, etc. in Australia. Learn the language, accent and pronunciation. It is not a difficult task. The best way to learn about the list above is watching videos on Australian Culture, dress, food, etc., on YouTube. Watch and gain experience. This way you can avoid being shocked. When you travel to the country, you will be psychologically ready to tackle the emotional challenge.

Language can be very difficult in Australia. If you are from other English speaking countries, you may have problems but if you are not, the Australian accent can be a bit too difficult to understand at first. So, get TuneIn radio on your mobile and find Australian news channels and listen to it everyday.

Read about the city you are going to. Learn about its people, population, food, places to visit, religion, race, weather, etc. This way your transition time from your culture to the new will be easier, faster and less shocking.

Break out from your comfort zone

The first step to overcome your shock is to talk to the natives. The more you talk, the more you will find it easy to blend in with the native population. Make friends with natives. Invite friends to your home, have some food, etc. You can go out with them into the city and learn a lot of insider information from them. You will get to learn where to go shopping for cheaper prices on groceries, or dresses, etc. 

If you want to do good results you will need to talk to natives or students from senior years to find out more about the coursework you are undertaking. Talk to your teachers more, ask about various aspects of your study like exam structure, questions from previous years, etc. 

Talk to your neighbors. Bring gifts for them. Learn about their culture and teach them about yours. You need to break free from your shell. You need to make more friends so you feel less homesick.

Accept the changes and learn how to live with the present culture while preserving yours. This is the way to survive.