Skilled Nominated visa Subclass 190

Skilled Nominated visa Subclass 190

Let us talk about Australia Visa 190. If you are a skilled worker that Australia needs, this visa will allow you to work and live in the country like a permanent citizen.

What you can do with this visa

  1. Live permanently in Australia.

  2. Study and work.

  3. Join the public health care system.

  4. Sponsor your family members to come to Australia.

  5. Travel from and to Australia. 

  6. Get the opportunity to become a citizen.

How long you can stay

WIth this visa you do not need to worry about a renewal. You can stay permanently in Australia. However, the travel component of this visa needs to be renewed every five years from the day of the issuance.

Include family

You can include any member of your family to your application during the lodgement of the application or you can add them later but before your application decision is out. Everyone included in the application has to prove their character and health. Even the family members who are not accompanying you to Australia may have to be in good character and health.

If your partner or children who are dependent on you are not included in the application, you can tell us the reason to expedite the application process.


You need to pay a fee of 4115 AUD for the main applicant of the application.

You also need to pay a charge for each of your family members who are included in your application.

If any of your family members included in the application does not meet the functional English requirement and ages 18 or over, needs to pay an additional charge. This is the second installment and will only be asked if a visa will be granted. The charge will AUD 4885. 

There will be other expenses you will have to pay, for example, biometrics, health check, police clearance.

Apply from

You can be anywhere out or inside Australia when the application is lodged but not in the immigration clearance. If you are in Australia then you must hold one of these visas during your application:

  1. Subclass 010 bridging A.

  2. Subclass 020 bridging B.

  3. Subclass 030 bridging C.

If you do not hold any of these visas, you cannot lodge your application because it will be invalid.

Processing times

The processing time will be from 4 to 10 months. These cases are treated case by case and take a lot of time to verify everything. To ensure and speedy process you should:

  1. Complete the full application without leaving anything and submit all the necessary documents.

  2. If you respond quickly to any requests sent to you.

  3. If it takes less time to verify your information.

  4. If information verification from an external organization takes less time.

  5. If there are places available in the quota of the migration program.


Within 5 years from the day you get your visa you can travel in and out of Australia as many times as you want. If 5 years is over and you are still outside Australia, you will require the RRV or resident return visa or subclass 155 or 157 visa.

Visa label

There is no label for this visa. It will be linked digitally to your passport.


Be invited to apply

If you are invited to apply you can proceed. You cannot apply for the visa independently. You need to submit an Expression of Interest or EOI. After you submit this, if you get a nomination from any of the territory or state governments, you will get an invitation to apply for the visa.

Have a relevant skills assessment

When you get an invitation, you will need to do a skill assessment and submit the assessment with the application.

Be this age

You must be under 45 of age when you apply for this visa. However, even if you turn 45 years of age after your submission of EOI, you will receive an invitation.

Be able to score 65 points or more

Australia Visa 190 can only be granted if you get a total of 65 points. You need to meet the following requirements as well:

  1. English language competency.

  2. Skill requirement.

  3. Health requirements.

  4. Be of good Character.

  5. To have repaid all the debt to the Australian Government.

  6. If you are or over 18 years of age, you must sign the Australian Value Statement.

  7. Have no record of visa cancellation or previous application refusal.