Student visa extension

Student visa extension

Visa process is not intentionally complex. It is only complex if you miss out on some key instructions. Every process has its own checklist, and student visa extension is no different. Here, we will give you the Student visa extension - step-by-step guide. so that you do not miss out on anything. We will try to make it easier for you and keep it short.

Reasons for Extension

  1. Unfinished research.

  2. Unfinished degree or new admission.

  3. Unfinished course for some reasons, for example, sudden halt for pandemic.

However, even if you feel that these are not the only reasons, do not worry, the visa extension process remains the same.

Recent Visa Update

There is no automatic visa extension in Australia. If somehow your visa expires, you will be deported. Therefore, you will need to keep the date of expiration in your mind and apply before it expires - well in advance if you want to stay in the country legally.

Anyway, you must talk to your school when the situation arises and apply through an authentic channel. Do not be confused in the matters of visa. Talk to the Department of Home Affairs about your problem and they will guide you through. First talk to your student advisors and then the Department of Home Affairs, WELL in ADVANCE!!! Mark THESE WORDS - WELL in ADVANCE!

How to apply for a visa extension?

Let us follow some steps if you want to extend your visa in Australia.

  1. Apply in advance before your present visa expires. Please, be mindful of your important dates because these dates will be your life line.

  2. Allow a lot of time to arrange documents needed for your visa extension application - at least 4 months. If you need to ship from overseas agencies, documents may take over a month in normal mail.


  1. Enroll for the course you like and pay for OSHC or overseas student health cover.

  2. Get the documents necessary:

    1. a certified copy of your birth certificate

    2. passport ID page and a copy of every page with an Australian immigration stamp

    3. national ID card

    4. CV/ Resume

    5. your CoE, unless you’re waiting on a post-graduate thesis marking, in which case you need a letter from your institute/ university.

    6. marriage certificate, if applicable

    7. migration agent form 956 if required

    8. parental consent if under 18 years old

    9. OSHC policy number, making sure the dates of your policy match the visa.

    10. A personal statement that states the course, why it is important, the situation in Australia and back home.

  3. Evidence of financial ability: show evidence that you can take care of your education, living, and health expenses.

    1. A record of financial transactions - person or business.

    2. Explain any large amount of deposits in your account.

    3. Proof of an education loan.

    4. If there is another loan on your, provide evidence that you can cover all the costs.

  4. Acceptance Advice of Secondary Exchange Students form for secondary exchange students.

  5. a letter of support from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade or Department of Defense.

  6. Submit the application for Australian student visa - get into ImmiAccount, and pay AUD 620. If your visa application is refused, you will have a notification via email. If you are onshore you can contact professionals to handle your case and apply for an appeal.

  7. Provide your biometrics.

  8. Do your medical exams.

  9. Hold a visa when you apply for extension of your study visa.

  10. Make sure that you can travel with your present visa. Always consult the department of home affairs.

  11. Wait for the application outcome.

If you are an international Student in Australia and need an extension of your visa, please follow this Student visa extension - step-by-step guide.