Studying Stem In Australia

Studying Stem In Australia

What is STEM?

STEM means Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This sector is growing very rapidly in Australia and there is an increasing number of employment opportunities in this area. 

In Australia, this sector is booming and the future is very bright for the professionals, researchers, innovators, and so on.

What can you do with a degree in STEM?

You will find plenty of job opportunities in STEM sectors, such as psychology, medicine, engineering, animal health, IT, food, and agriculture.

What are the employment prospects for STEM careers?

There are so many highly paid jobs in Australia for STEM. The salary range for a few professions are given below. 

  1. Petroleum engineer: average salary – AUD 103k to AUD 181k.

  2. ICT security architect: average salary - AUD 130k to 180k.

  3. Agriculture scientist: average salary from AUD 72k to AUD 82k.

STEM has become a booming field with a shortage of people to occupy vacant posts. A ICT graduate has on an average the opportunity to choose one out of seven available jobs. Australia will need over 100k professional experts in the next few years.

Governments all over the world are putting a lot of money into this field for research and development. In the long run the benefits will be great. Australia has a critical skill shortage in this sector.

STEM education options in Australia

Australia has many world famous and high ranked universities in the world for Civil and structural engineering, computer science and information, chemical engineering, mechanical, aeronautical and manufacturing engineering, and electrical and electronic engineering.

You can begin with a foundation with a pathway to undergrad with or without honors. Then you can do a masters with research or coursework and then move on to do PhD or straight to the workforce.