The use of career support services at universities

The use of career support services at universities

Education is a significant milestone on the road to a successful career. It provides opportunities to pick up new skills related to managing your career as well as your chosen field of study. You can get help from specialists in career support with:

  • Online resources

  • Recommendations for internships

  • Help finding possibilities for Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

  • Volunteerism.

Also, the process of learning incorporates all of these different aspects into its overall structure.

Career guidance for students

In the majority of universities, small teams of career support practitioners engage with students individually or in groups.

Due to the massive enrollment at universities, it may be difficult to attend career counseling sessions. You must track them down and make an appointment with them.

Online information about careers at university

Find online information on the following by visiting your university's careers page:

  • work opportunities

  • creating a Resume

  • creating a network

  • Employability skills include planning, managing time, and communicating.

Internships, work-integrated learning, and volunteering

There are many different study programs that will provide you the opportunity to work in the field that you are researching. Also, your professional network can be expanded as well as your technical and employability skills developed through volunteering, internships, and WIL.