Virtually visit your future university from the comfort of your home

Virtually visit your future university from the comfort of your home

The term "Open Day" season is upon us and you're considering your alternatives. You should go to a university, check out the amenities, speak with the teachers, and get a feel for campus life. 

But you cannot. The borders are still closed, and there are no study fairs where you may interact with university personnel and listen to them eagerly discuss life on campus, including tips on where to find the greatest coffee (or restricted).

Also, the good news is that many institutions offer creative and interesting ways for you to explore your options. Through virtual experiences, you can get a sense of your potential university and hometown.

Besides that, you can peruse the offerings while unwinding in your house during Hey UniSA!, a three-day international virtual bazaar sponsored by the University of South Australia (16-18 September). 

Also, you can get the information you need directly from individuals who can give it to you today is a great strategy.

Live sessions

It is essential to feel a genuine connection to people and regions when choosing virtual. Live sessions are an excellent way to do this.  At “Hey UniSA!”, you may learn about a range of topics through live seminars, such as degrees, student life, support services, and Adelaide sightseeing. 

Also, you can engage and listen in real time during every session thanks to the live chat function. Additionally, if you have any questions, even ones about the coffee on campus, you can arrange a one-on-one appointment with a member of the international staff!

Language localization

There are times when it is simpler to ask questions in your home tongue, even if you have been studying English for some time.  Also, “Hey UniSA!” offers a variety of live local language classes in Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Vietnamese.  

Besides that, finding your finest degree alternatives doesn't have to be a language barrier, and you can even talk with someone in your native language during our one-on-one consultations.

Research online

The day when college students will be able to travel and start their studies on campus is something that everyone is looking forward to. Besides that, online learning will probably always be a reality for many students. 

Also, “Hey UniSA!” features a lesson on how to begin your studies online and transfer to on-campus later, so you can get a jump start on your coursework while you wait for the border to open. It's not necessary for you to put your life on hold.

Greetings to returning students in Adelaide

The Australian Federal Government recently approved an international student arrival plan for South Australia, making students who begin their studies online eligible and given consideration for coming to Adelaide. 

Besides that, Adelaide is closer to re-admitting international students, while details are still being worked out. During our “Hey UniSA!” online session, we'll provide an update on the return strategy.

Also, this Open Day season, embrace the virtual world and spend some time exploring the possibilities. For more information on degrees, online education, student support, and other topics, sign up for “Hey UniSA!”.