Western Australia will get $41.2 million for international education

Western Australia will get $41.2 million for international education

There is exciting news for everyone who is now studying in Western Australia or is thinking about doing so will be pleased to hear that an all-new and exciting package to the value of $41.2 million has just been presented.

With this funding, WA's foreign education sector, as well as the study environment for international students, would both be improved.

Besides that, the areas of importance are creating a pipeline of potential onshore international education students, reactivating the network of international education agents, and offering financial assistance for sector restoration.

In a press release, Minister of International Education David Templeman states that "we have extensively consulted with the international education sector over the previous few months and have created this package (Western Australia will get $41.2 million for international education) on their advice."

New scholarships in Western Australia for international students

There are two new scholarship programs available right now:

  1. The Premier's University Scholarships - which will give out a total of $2 million over four years, will finance ten one-year scholarships at $50,000 each. The goal of these scholarships is to bring talented international students to the institutions of Western Australia.

  1. The Premier's WA Certificate of Education Bursary - Yet another $4 million over four years will be used to execute the Premier's WA Certificate of Education Bursary, which will provide $20,000 in yearly support to 50 offshore WACE graduates from WA's international partner schools.

Other relevant initiatives for you

  • The International Student Accommodation Subsidy and the ELICOS Bursary will both be funded with $6.8 million to attract more foreign students to Western Australia.

  • With the funding of $400,000, a school support program will be developed to strongly encourage international students to continue their studies with a WA educational institution while they are studying there.

  • In order to assist the development of offshore opportunities and student pipelines, the WA Technical and Vocational Education and Training Consortium will receive $3 million.

You can find more information about (Western Australia will get $41.2 million for international education) in the Western Australia state budget.  

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