Which universities in Australia offer the best student support?

Which universities in Australia offer the best student support?

There is no one institution that can claim to be the best choice for each and every prospective student because different factors are essential to various individuals. It is up to you to decide which differences between courses and institutions mean the most to you out of the many distinctions that exist.

In order to help you choose a university, our ratings provide insight into the qualities of all Australian universities. The student support rating is determined by taking into account the proportion of students who were satisfied with the support they received from their school. 

For some individuals adjusting to a new country, university, or course, the level of assistance provided may be very important. 

The Student Support rating is based on how well students felt they were supported as they started their studies, how easily they were accepted and enrolled, how beneficial they found the orientation activities, and how easily and helpfully they were able to contact administrative staff, career advisers, academic or learning advisers, counselors, financial advisers, and health services.

Australia's top educational institutes for students

The top ten undergraduate colleges are listed in the table below under "Student Support." The following is a list of the most prestigious universities for graduate studies.

Satisfaction rate
1Bond University
2University of New England (UNE)
3Edith Cowan University (ECU)
4University of Notre Dame Australia
5Southern Cross University
6Federation University Australia
7Deakin University
8University of the Sunshine Coast (USC)
9Flinders University
10University of South Australia

By visiting the Rankings page and browsing the best universities in all categories, you can filter by subject, level of study, or region to find a course and institution that are a good fit for you (including student assistance).