Bachelor of Development Studies at The University of Newcastle, Australia

Now-a-days, some of the most pressing challenges in the world are development, poverty, inequality, and environmental sustainability. This program allows students to investigate the causes and implications of unequal development, as well as evaluate policy solutions for a more equitable and long-term future.

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You'll concentrate on important global concerns in a local, national, or worldwide setting. You may work with the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, assisting developing nations with internal trade barriers, or you could engage with an Indigenous community to improve environmental sustainability on a more local level.

Whatever your concentration, a degree in Development Studies will prepare you to have a positive impact on the world.

Why study with us?

One-of-a-kind degree: Australia's only development studies degree, including core courses in economics and Aboriginal studies.

Work-integrated learning: Every major university offers an 80-hour on-the-job training course.

Combination degree options: You have the option of completing one-of-a-kind combined degrees to further your education. 

Four diverse majors are available: Cultures and Citizenship, Environmental Sustainability, Globalization and Economic Development, or Urban and Regional Development. 

Embark on a global experience: Participating in virtual study programs or visiting overseas to participate in a semester exchange, short course, internship, or study tour to enrich your program can help you improve your global mindset, diversify your skill set, and enhance your international network.

World Top 200 for Geography *

* QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021


What will you learn?

Globalization, environmental change, sustainable development, and social justice are just a few of the topics that will be discussed. As a result of our multidisciplinary approach, you will be exposed to a diverse range of topics outside of your major, such as:

  1. Aboriginal studies

  2. Economics

  3. Geography

  4. Politics

  5. Sociology

  6. Environmental studies

Development Studies Majors

You can specialize in your academics by pursuing one of four majors:

Cultures and Citizenship: This degree will prepare you for a career in Indigenous affairs, immigration and citizenship, or community development, among other fields.

Environmental Sustainability: you will take courses to improve your analytical abilities as part of this degree. You'll also learn how to assess how development affects the environment and community.

Globalization and Economic Development: After finishing this degree, you may pursue a career in economic policy and analysis.

Urban and Regional Development: This major will train you for work in the fields of planning, regional development, and community development.

Our development studies degrees are designed to help you get in-depth knowledge and a good understanding of key topics in your chosen area.

Career opportunities

Employers from a wide range of industries, including international assistance organizations, consulting firms, and local, state, and federal government departments, recognize the skills, abilities, and information gained through the Bachelor of Development Studies.

Career opportunities can be available in a variety of fields, including::

  1. International development

  2. Urban and regional planning

  3. Social policy

  4. Tourism

  5. Community development

  6. Environmental management

  7. Consultancy and management

  8. Advocacy and policy development work

  9. Research

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