Bachelor of Finance at Australian National University, Australia

A bachelor's degree in finance will prepare you to flourish in the global financial sector.



A bachelor's degree in finance will prepare you to flourish in the global financial sector. You will have to solve a range of financial problems as a student while developing your analytical abilities. In the quickly changing world of finance, these skills are incredibly valuable.

What you will Study

Program Structure

  1. At least 144 units.

  2. 96 units to be taken from within the colleges

  3. not more than 60 units to be taken at 1000 level courses. 


  • Asian Capital Markets, 

  • Capital Markets or Quantitative Finance. 

  • Cannot have both a major in Asian Capital Markets and Capital Markets

For the majors and minors offered by the ANU College of Business and Economics, students may count a course toward more than one major or minor. 

If a minor is a subset of all indicated courses and/or prerequisites for a major, only the major is considered to have been completed, and the completion of the major takes precedence over the completion of the minor. 

If every course in the major and/or minor is necessary for the degree, then the major and/or minor will not appear on the transcript.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the importance of financing options, equities, bonds, and derivative trading in the financial markets.

  2. Understand how to use the three core ideas of finance—the time value of money, diversification, and arbitrage.

  3. Use theoretical concepts in real life.

  4. Learn the skills necessary to critically engage with and evaluate financial concerns.

  5. Develop your ability to independently and collaboratively gather, analyze, interpret, and communicate the findings of financial challenges.

Career Opportunities

  1. Financial planning 

  2. Funds management 

  3. Insurance, investment consultancies

  4. Merchant and general banking

  5. Public finance and government

  6. Security analysis 

  7. Stockbroking

Admission Requirements

Entry Requirements

Applicants who complete a secondary, senior secondary, post-secondary, or tertiary sequence of study will be evaluated using the same selection rank. Here is a list of credentials that have gained international recognition along with the necessary entry requirements. Candidates must also satisfy any prerequisites listed below for each program, including:

  • No prerequisites, but assumed knowledge is: ACT: Mathematical Methods (Major)

  • NSW: Mathematics

  • QLD: Mathematics B

  • SA/NT: Mathematical Studies

  • TAS: Mathematics Methods

  • VIC: Mathematical Methods (CAS)

  • WA: Mathematics 3C/3D

  • IB: Mathematics (SL)

English Language Requirements

  • IELTS - 6.5

  • TOEFL - 80

  • PTE - 55

Tuition Fees and Scholarships

Tuition Fee

  • The annual indicative fee for International students - $45,360.00

  • The annual indicative fee for Domestic students - Commonwealth Supported Place. 


ANU offers a range of scholarships to help students with the expense of their education.

You might not be qualified to apply for all ANU scholarships, depending on the conditions of the scholarship and the type of student you are. Information about the specific scholarship application process is provided in the corresponding scholarship listing.

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  • Duration
  • Application Fee
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  • Language Test Score
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