Bachelor of Mathematics (Advanced) at The University of Newcastle, Australia

The University of Newcastle's Bachelor of Mathematics (Advanced) program is designed for learners who have a strong passion for mathematics and wish to pursue cutting-edge research in the subject.


The University of Newcastle's Bachelor of Mathematics (Advanced) program is designed for learners who have a strong passion for mathematics and wish to pursue cutting-edge research in the subject. 

As you advance through a program designed expressly to give you the skills that companies want to see, top mathematicians will instruct you. 

With a wide range of disciplinary possibilities, you can follow your interests and customize your education. With our guidance and assistance, you may be sure that your career in mathematics is flourishing. 

The vital process of building the professional networks that are crucial for your career will begin for you. 

Also, you will have the chance to work in research and industry while you are a student, and you will be prepared to look into chances for graduate school and international research. 

When you have finished your studies, you will have the skills necessary to use mathematics in the real world and to contribute to the advancement of mathematics itself.

What you will study

Program Structure:

Candidates for the Bachelor of Mathematics (Advanced) must pass the 240 units of coursework listed below:

  • 130 units in total for core courses

  • Directed programming course with 10 units

  • 60 units, one major (for a total of 80 units, includes 20 units of core courses)

  • 40 optional units

Through current research, both new ways to use math that already exists and new math for the future are being created. As part of your structured mathematics degree, you'll take courses in topics like.

  • Numerical approaches

  • Differential equations in statistics.

  • Complex number analysis

Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully finish the program will have:

  1. Proficiency: As a practitioner, you will be able to apply your skills to address issues in the real world that are at the intersection of a variety of both long-established and newly emerging mathematical disciplines.

  1. You'll be able to develop, confirm, alter, use, and respond to a range of mathematical scenarios, questions, case studies, and models.

  1. Enthusiasm: You'll be able to find, use, and manage resources to see a project through from start to finish. Furthermore, you'll be a creative problem-solver.

  1. Perception: You will be a critical thinker with sharp insight and a global perspective to discover mathematical solutions to difficult problems.

  1. Response: You'll be a flexible individual who can work in a range of situations, draw on the expertise of local and global professional networks, communicate clearly, work well with others, and demonstrate empathy for others.

  1. Integrity: As a professional, you'll be able to use your mathematical skills and abilities in an ethical and responsible way.

Career Opportunities

The degree's holders will learn that it can take them to a number of cutting-edge jobs. Graduates can be found working in many different sectors, such as communications, international banking, the futures market, the energy sector, and medical and health research.

There are several typical roles:

  • Mathematician

  • Algorithm Designer

  • Data Mining Analyst

  • Economic/Social Statistician

  • Investment Banker/Stockbroker

  • Climate Modeling

  • Risk or Strategy Analyst

Admission Requirements

Entry Requirements

  • Most of the time, to get into our bachelor's degree programs, you need to have a senior secondary school qualification. 

English Language Requirements

The minimum English language competence requirement for applicants to this program is an overall IELTS score of 6.5 with no subtest score below 6.0.

Tuition Fee  

  • AUD 37,950 (indicative annual fee, 2022)

$37,950 per year
  • Level
  • Delivery
    On Campus
  • Duration
    3 years
  • Application Fee
  • Intake
  • Language Test Score
  • Scholarship
    $10,000 OFF