Graduate Diploma of Legal Professional Practice at University of New South Wales, Australia

The Graduate Diploma in Legal Professional Practice (GDLPP) is UNSW's PLT program. PLT is a necessary step for law graduates to take before beginning their legal careers. It blends academic study with real-world experience to help students gain knowledge and competency in legal practice.


The Graduate Diploma in Legal Professional Practice (GDLPP) is UNSW's PLT program. PLT is a necessary step for law graduates to take before beginning their legal careers. It blends academic study with real-world experience to help students gain knowledge and competency in legal practice.

The program addresses the skills and principles required to practice law in Australia. After completing the program, you can be confident that you can do important tasks required of legal professionals in areas like:

Litigation and Transactional Law (Property, Commercial and Corporate), Administrative Law, Banking and Finance, Criminal Law, Family Law, Employment and Industrial Relations, and Consumer Law Practice, etc. 

You will also complete 40 days of work experience as a requirement for the curriculum. There are chances for placement with UNSW partners, including legal firms and clinics.

What you will study

Program Structure:

The UNSW PLT program integrates classroom instruction (four core courses and two electives) with practical work experience (40 days). 

The 5-day intensive is followed by 19 weeks of online study in the full-time, 20-week coursework component. The first workplace experience lasts for 20 days, while the second workplace experience and practicum can be finished at your own pace.

To finish the program, you can select several combinations of coursework, work experience, or a practicum. By selecting two work experience positions or a practicum if you want to learn more specialized expertise, these options enable you to prioritize your work experience goals.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students or graduates will be equipped with the advanced communication, collaboration, and interpersonal skills necessary for entry-level attorneys planning to engage in professional legal practice to interact, collaborate, and share solutions to complex problems. 

  1. Students will display autonomy, sound judgment, adaptability, and accountability by using their advanced knowledge, skills, and values. They will have personal and professional integrity, ethical behavior, and respect for others, as a new lawyer should.

  1. Students will be knowledgeable in both the core and elective legal practice areas, legal ethics and values, and professional responsibility guidelines. Additionally, they will have a full awareness of current and developing trends in law and legal practice techniques, social justice tenets, and research methodologies. 

  1. Students will have advanced cognitive and technical skills to autonomously analyze, evaluate, and change information for a range of activities. They'll be able to assess and solve complicated challenges, including ethical issues for entry-level lawyers.

  1. Students will have advanced metacognitive and practical self-management skills to exhibit high levels of personal and professional accountability, time management, task management, self-assessment and reflective practice. 

Career Opportunities

PLT is an essential phase of your legal education and a requirement for admission to the Australian bar. The UNSW GDLPP program will assist you in developing the abilities required to carry out day-to-day tasks for a legal practitioner through a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on training.

The UNSW GDLPP meets the requirements of the Legal Profession Admission Board and provides graduates with the qualifications they need to apply to be admitted as attorneys in New South Wales. Once you have been admitted to practice law in NSW, you can apply to be admitted to practice in any other Australian state or territory.

Potential careers

  • Attorney

  • Barrister

  • Lawyer

Admission Requirements

Entry Requirements

Candidates for the GDLPP must have completed a recognized academic legal qualification. Several eligible credentials are:

  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree

  • Juris Doctor degree

  • equivalent from an Australian university or tertiary institution

English Language Requirements

In order to study at UNSW, you may be required to provide proof of English proficiency, depending on your educational history and citizenship. UNSW demands a minimum level of English language competency for enrolment since English language skills are crucial for coping with lectures, tutorials, assignments, and exams.

It will be mentioned in your application if proof of English proficiency is necessary. You can do so by demonstrating that you meet at least one of the following requirements:

  1. English language examinations and universities English courses

  2. Prior English language schooling is also a requirement. 

Tuition Fees and Scholarships

Tuition Fee

The UNSW PLT Program's fees may be paid in installments rather than in full. Tuition is required on the appropriate census day. For eligible students, FEE-HELP is offered.

  • 2022 Indicative First Year Full Fee - $10,870

  • 2022 Indicative Full Fee to Complete Degree - $10,870


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$14,155 per course
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    Online and On Campus
  • Duration
    0.5 years
  • Application Fee
    $125 AUD
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