Master of Applied Psychology (Professional) at Murdoch University, Australia

By completing two practicums, either in our on-campus clinic or through an internship at a separate company, you can improve the interpersonal and professional skills necessary in practice.

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By completing two practicums, either in our on-campus clinic or through an internship at a separate company, you can improve the interpersonal and professional skills necessary in practice. 

You could conduct fieldwork at your place of employment if you already work in psychology (by arrangement with the practicum coordinator). 

Through internships at the psychology clinic on the Murdoch campus, you will receive instruction in the creation of clinically focused learning.

Depending on performance and space availability, Murdoch University's Master of Applied Psychology (Clinical Psychology) program offers a gateway into the Applied Psychology (Professional) course. 

The degree also offers a career route that permits you to work as a school psychologist with the Western Australian Department of Education.

What you will study

Program Structure

  • Professional Psychology: Research Project

  • Psychology: Advanced Research Methods

  • Psychological Assessment: Theory and Method

  • Clinical Psychology: Working with Children and Families

  • Psychotherapy in Practice

Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply psychological theories and concepts to real-world situations to show that you have a solid understanding of a wide range of knowledge.

  1. Recognize how psychological theories and research can be applied to various situations in the real world.

  1. Recognize how psychological theories and research have an impact on society, industry, and government.

  1. Ability to assess research critically to determine its generalizability

Career Opportunities

Professional psychologists have good employment prospects and are expected to have significant employment growth. 

Students will have a variety of job opportunities accessible to them after finishing this degree, including working in various public and private sector organizations as well as in private practice (once you have satisfied the registration criteria).

You might work in the areas of health, community development, justice, education, and disabilities, to name a few. Students who successfully complete the school stream will be eligible to get employment with the State Education Department's School Psychology Service. Options for careers include:

  • School Psychologist

  • Clinical Psychologist 

  • Paediatric assessment services

  • Disability sector work

  • Alcohol and drug counseling

Admission Requirements

Entry Requirements

  • Admission to the program requires either a very competitive Postgraduate/Graduate Diploma in Psychology or a recognized and accepted Bachelor of Arts degree (or Bachelor of Science degree) with at least 2A Honors in Psychology. 

  • Applications must also contain references and a personal essay outlining the applicant's interests in pursuing a graduate degree in psychology. The top applicants will receive invites to interviews. 

  • If accepted into the program, international candidates should make sure their undergraduate degrees are equivalent to a four-year psychology degree from Australia with at least 2A honors if they plan to apply for registration in Australia when the program is through. 

  • Before submitting an application for study, candidates with credentials gained outside of Australia must sit for a formal exam conducted by the Australian Psychological Society.

English Language Requirements

To study at Murdoch, you need to know at least a certain percentage of English, which may indicate having to pass a number of English tests.

IELTS - 6.0 ( overall)

TOEFL - 90  ( overall)

PTE - 50  ( overall)

Tuition Fees and Scholarships

Tuition Fee - AUD 19,750 for the entire course.


You can maximize your educational experience by applying for a financial aid award. We provide scholarships and awards to children from all walks of life, whether they are great achievers or have overcome adversity. 

Check out our scholarships to see what you might be eligible for as a new Murdoch student, as well as what's available throughout your degree.

$31,200 per course
  • Level
    Masters Coursework
  • Delivery
    On Campus
  • Duration
    1 years
  • Application Fee
  • Intake
  • Language Test Score
  • Scholarship
    10% tuition fee deduction