Study in New Zealand

Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Just considering this fact, anyone with the ability and clean police and health record will choose this country for his education. However, this is not just the only reason for anyone to choose New Zealand for study. In this article we will briefly go over the reasons you may want to study in New Zealand.

Why study in New Zealand for international students

If you are planning on a foriegn education, choosing the destination becomes your first priority. With growing political tension around the world, you will not want to choose a country with bad political and civil unrest.

Besides, that is not the only aspect of a country you should be considering. Some countries are very expensive as well and have many health related issues as well. So, let us have a look at the reasons why New Zealand can be your next destination for study.

*You need to check with the embassy of New Zealand to see if its border is open for international students amid the Covid 19 crisis. Depending on the day and time you are reading this article, the border may or may not be open for international students.

The Quality of Education

New Zealand is not overburdened with numerous universities, however, the ones that are established are already on the QS world rankings. Each of the universities holds their own position on the ranking on their own merits.

The country has been especially taking care of its education system by strengthening teaching staffs in each of the universities. The higher educational institutions are known for their research fundings, quality courses and training.

The University of Auckland holds its position among the top 100 universities of the world. Subject area wise Victoria University of Wellington among the top one percent. The list goes on. In short, you will not regret getting a degree from any of the New Zealand universities.

You need to be aware of the international diversity of New Zealand universities. You can only trust a university’s reputation when you see a university has an internationally diverse student body.

According to statistics of 2018, there were about 30000 international students in the country studying at various universities. Victoria University of Wellington alone has 20 percent of its total students coming from outside of New Zealand. 

The student welfare system makes sure that every student coming from a different country is well connected to the international student support network. The country ensures that every student has an excellent learning and living experience throughout their stay. 

Low Tuitions and Numerous Scholarships

Compared to the other parts of the world, the cost of education in New Zealand is lower - on an average it is around NZ$ 20000 yearly. Considering you have good financial support, you can spend the money earned from your part-time job for your entertainment or travel.

It is not just the cheaper tunitions, the country also offers a lot of scholarships for incoming international students. If you have patience and keep looking for one, you will also find an opportunity like many others. However, be ready for a tough competition.   

Natural Beauty

Even if you do not consider anything, the natural beauty of New Zealand is one of the most attractive ones. Mountains, sea, green plain, cattle, lakes, vineyards - what more do your eyes need to feast on! This is why the country remains one of the mostly visited tourist destinations of the world. Movies and TV dramas directors choose this country as one of their favorite shooting spots.

Rich Cultural Experience

You will get to experience an amazing cultural mixture in New Zealand. The country is not just made of Maori and Western cultures, many other religions and cultures also have found their homes on this beautiful land. The influence of Maori culture is prevalent in indigenous arts, cooking, and crafts. If learning about culture is your thing, then you will find the Maori mythology and language to your liking.

New Zealand is well known for its sports activities in cricket, and rugby. The team members often perform the famous haka dance during the opening of their matches. The national teams of cricket and rugby wear all black uniforms. 

The country offers an awesome experience to the visitors and residents alike. You find the people in the community very helpful and friendly. Apart from a few incidents, New Zealand is mostly known for its low crime rate.

Work study

It is a very big concern for many international students who partially depend on the earnings from their odd jobs. The country allows you to work while you study for a limited number of hours. You can work even after your graduation for a year full time.

All these reasons, no doubt, will pique your interest about New Zealand. If you are just planning right now, you can think about it. Your Study in NZ will definitely give you a unique experience.

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