Study in UK

Study in UK

Great Britain is known for some world famous and very old universities in the world. Although not every single educational institution is top ranked, there is no doubt that many universities in the UK occupy the top places in the world ranking, for example, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, and many more. There are some 130 universities in the UK providing various courses and training to the students from all over the world. Let us have a look at the reasons why you would want to Study in UK.

Quality of Education

Once an empire, Great Britain is very famous for its educational institutions. There are some very old universities. The books we read all over the world, many of them were written by scholars of these universities. Science, or Arts - the UK universities lead from the front. When you start learning from a nation that is very old, you are not just learning a portion of the present but the knowledge accumulated for centuries. If you have the chance, you should never miss a chance to study at any of these universities.

Diversified Culture

The UK is a nation of people from many other nations. Although once it was an empire, the change it went through over the centuries made it accept people from all parts of the world. This country houses big communities from almost all races and religions. The people have learned the value of diversification. Alone no nation can grow, but if talents from all over the world put their heads together a nation like the present UK can happen. You are always welcomed as an international student.

Areas of Education

The UK universities offer education in almost all subject areas - Science, medicine, arts, philosophy, psychology, and countless more. There cannot be an area of study you are interested in and none of the UK universities offers it.

World Class Teachers

Knowledge and science or research and development - all happen in the UK. The nation competes with the leading powerhouses of the world like the US and this competition gave birth to the quality and standard of teachers the nation has now. When education is powerful, teachers must be strong too. On the other hand, when the teachers are this strong, the education they provide will be excellent as well. Education cannot be complete without a good teacher. So, if you are looking for quality education then the UK is the right choice.

Duration of Courses

In the British education system, bachelor or undergraduate studies are only 3 years long while graduate courses are of 1 year duration. This way you spend less money on your living cost and other expenses and you can get to enter the job market faster.

Part time Work 

Money is one of your main concerns in a foreighn land. However, in the UK you can work part time while you attend your classes. This will put less pressure on your funds. Earning your living expenses is not such a big problem in the UK.


With a good education, comes the opportunity of good employment. When you finish your studies, it will be relatively easy for you to find a job.

All the reasons above are the main ones, however there are many minor ones. If you choose to study in UK, you will not regret your decision.

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